Hw 31.10.18

Dear Learners

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Intra Class Green Deepawali Card Making Competition

Dear Learners

Kindly go through the rubric as we have organised the competition on 2nd November, Friday.

Rubrics for Diwali Card Making Competition.

  1. Neatness and cleanliness.
  2. Equal size borders
  3. Creativity
  4. Art work [origami work, use of colour combinations, proper usage of decorative materials, collage work]

Note: Kindly note that chart paper and marble paper will be provided from school.

  • Learners have to bring the materials from home.
  • Bring crayons, pencil colours, and poster colours, scissors, Fevicol from home.
  • Don’t make the card at home. Everything should be done at school only.
  • No sharing of materials or colours will be allowed.